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Hottie By Nature - Aromatherapy Spray

Hottie By Nature - Aromatherapy Spray


Hottie by Nature is a fruity, citrus smell with hints of wood and vanilla. It literally smells like a sexy pile of creamsicle sticks. Hottie By Nature is the best selling scent in our store. We think this one, more than any other scent we have, puts smiles on people's faces. 

Several hospitals nationwide diffuse blends similar to Hottie, because of the power of citrus to keep patients calm without sedating them. Imagine how when you smell orange juice, it kind of wakes you up and calms you down at the same time, right? Citrus is absolutely amazing! We often suggest it for daytime stress when very often most of your stress hits you, and you don't want to be sedated.

The distinct middle note of the blend is sustainable Rosewood essential oil. Rosewood adds a very pleasant woody, fruity smell that gives the blend more depth. Orange and Tangerine add the uplifting citrus top notes to the blend. Lavender adds a soothing middle to top note. A touch of Vanilla strengthens the base, giving the scent more staying power.