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A Multi-Use Push and Pull Device

Virus and bacteria-causing germs are all around us. Every door you open and every handle or keypad you touch has "a little something" left on it from the person who touched it before you. Why take chances when the solution is so simple? The Kooty Key is a multi-use push-and-pull device, that simply put, is the key to germ-free living.



What's more, the Kooty Key now has anti-microbial properties! This feature has been added to the manufacturing process.

The plastic hook and the rubber tip both have anti-microbial properties. The Kooty Key is "dishwasher safe."


The Kooty Key comes with a FREE badge reelto allow the user INSTANT access to avoid touching any nasty germ riddled objects like restroom door handles.

The Kooty Key is not a medical device or a cure for any disease or pathogen. It is simply a "tool" to provide the user with an option to avoid having to touch certain objects with their hands.